We are able to optimize pricing and access strategy through the close integration of product goals and strategies, with the realities of market-specific evidence requirements, payer goals, and competitive threats.

Our fundamentals as strategy consultants, paired with deep expertise in pricing, access, and evidence planning, uniquely position us to help our clients navigate global opportunities in Hospitality. We provide detailed, market-specific insights and strategies, and link them to broader commercial goals. This broad commercial expertise allows us to serve our clients’ market access and commercial experts.

We work across all key major and emerging markets, providing strategic support in launch price setting and adjustments, launch sequencing, competitive entry strategy, contracting strategy, and evidence generation strategies, tailored to each market.

Our wide-ranging capabilities, deep expertise, and strategic background allow us to provide best-in-class support.


  • Global Hospitality Landscape Assessments

  • Global Launch Strategy, Sequencing, and Prioritization

  • Disruptive Trends Analysis

  • Framework Development

  • Indication Sequencing

  • Portfolio P&MA Strategy and Positioning

  • Pricing and Reimbursement

  • Early Pricing Strategy

  • Launch Pricing

  • Life Cycle Management Pricing

  • Innovative Pricing and Contracting Strategy

  • Contract Modelling

  • Gross-to-net Forecasting

  • Price and Revenue Optimization Models

  • Diligence Support

  • Due Diligence

  • Assumption Pressure Testing

  • Value and Evidence

  • Buyer Value Proposition Development

  • Value Driver Analysis