Analysing data


We combine data science with scientific and commercial expertise, incorporating analytical rigor into strategic problem-solving.​

Advanced analytics can enhance insights to address your most pressing questions. We have the flexibility to support commercial decisions across all stages of the product lifecycle and characterize the market from the perspective of all key stakeholders, to meet your specific needs.

For each engagement, we pair senior leadership, strategy consultants, and data scientists to provide comprehensive support to translate high-power computational expertise into best-in-class strategic insights.

We customize approaches, leveraging methodologies of text mining, machine learning, network analytics, web crawling, and complex data engineering, to complement our strategic insights. We work closely with our clients to identify the right data source for each engagement.


  • MOA Mapping

  • Influence Mapping and KOL Identification

  • Novel Target Prioritization

  • Formulary Impact Analysis

  • Buyer Segmentation

  • Targeting Optimization

  • Network Analyses

  • Receptivity Modeling

  • Progression Flows